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About Us


Stanley O. Gregory - Chairman

Donald F. Barr

Thomas E. Livingston

Ron H. Buchanan

Chris A. Cochran



Donald F. Barr President
Craig G. Clinger Vice President
Lynn A. Faulds Vice President/Secretary
Mary F. Poffenbaugh Treasurer


Mortgage Loans

Donald F. Barr, NMLS ID: 406002 President
Craig G. Clinger, NMLS ID: 405999 Vice President
Gregory M. Kirk, NMLS ID: 406001 Loan Officer


Our History

It all began over 129 years ago. The Galion Building and Loan Association was opened for business with 1,000 shares valued at $200 each; and its mission: “The purpose for which this corporation is formed is for profit, to raise money to be loaned among its members and depositors for use in buying lots, building and repairing houses, and other purposes.”


Since the beginning, the management and staff of GB&L Bank have been dedicated in their mission of helping those in the community with their financial needs.


Whether you are looking for a federally-insured savings or checking account, shopping for a new or used vehicle, searching for a new home, or looking to expand your business, you will find the management and staff at GB&L Bank ready to assist you in finding the best services to fit your needs.


We strive to be a full-service independent community bank, and remain committed to Galion and the surrounding communities. We pride ourselves on knowing you and serving you better than any of our competitors, while making use of the latest in banking technology.


Galion Building and Loan Bank is your hometown bank, serving the needs of the community.

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